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Top Drinking Games You Can Play Right Now!

top drinking games

Oh drinking games. Everybody has a favorite or a go to when they’re with their friends or pregaming before a great night out. Now I’m not saying you have to stop playing it altogether, I’m only saying check these out and see if any tickle your fancy.

It can be fun to try new things and mix up the old routine. You may even find a new favorite!

Adult Spin the Bottle/Drinking Roulette


This game is a blast. You don’t have to use as many drinks as shown above, unless you have a pretty large group, but the point is to put as many different types of drinks in a circle.

Then you take an empty beer bottle and spin it! You drink whatever it lands on. Of course you’ll want to get the easier drinks and have your friends drink the worst of the worst.

Adult Spin The Bottle gets everybody going, brings lots of laughs and has a 100% chance to get drunk.

Stack the Cup/Honeycomb

I call it honeycomb and it’s one of my favorite drinking games to play. I was first taught it at a random ASU party a few years back and teach as many people as possible. The video above is pretty corny but it goes over the rules pretty well.

You put a group of cups in the middle of the table filled up a quarter of the way except for the cup in the middle. You’ll fill up the cup in the middle to the top. Some variations have it where that middle cup is filled with a good amount of hard alcohol.

Two players will start the game by bouncing a ping pong ball into their own cup. If they get the ball on the first try then they can pass the cup to any player EXCEPT the one still attempting to bounce their ball in.

If they bounce it in in two or more then they simply slide the cup and ball to the right. If the person immediately to your right is still attempting to bounce their ball and you catch up to them, then you stack your cup on theirs, the stack of cups moves on to the next player in line while the player that got stacked must drink from the center and continue playing.

If you accidentally bounce the ball into one of the cups in the honeycomb, you must drink that cup, stack it on your own, and continue playing.

This drinking game gets really interesting towards the end when the stack is pretty high. Tensions rise and everybody is trying not to drinking the last cup.

Ride The Bus

monkey bus riding the bus monkey on the bus

This one is pretty easy and only takes 2 people, a deck of cards, and of course alcohol.

One person is the dealer and the other, well let’s just say, unfortunate one.

The dealer lays down one card face up and the 6 cards face down. The unfortunate one has to guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the one in play. If they’re wrong, the unfortunate one drinks. You can make it more fun by having the dealer drink if the unfortunate one is right.

That’s it. The round is done when you get through the cards

True American

true american

Drunken Artist

The Simpsons art episode 6 season 8 drawing
Source -

Pictionary meets alcohol in this one. One person is the “artist” and pulls a thing they have to draw out of a hat or bowl. The point is to try and get the others to guess what you’re drawing as quickly as you can.

For every 20 seconds it takes for the others in the group to figure out what you’re drawing, you have to drink for 1 second. So if it takes a minute and 20 seconds, you’ll have to drink for 6 seconds.

It’s pretty simple, engaging, and get’s the people going!




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