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Tips and Resources You Need for Low-Cost, Low-Stress, and Responsible Travel

Our mission at PlansYet is to help everyone discover new ways to enjoy and experience their home city. From food and drink to adventure to outdoor activities to the arts. Learning to take a deep dive where you live can help you develop a new appreciation for your city. It can also help you make the most of your travels when it’s time to go exploring further afield.

Managing your exploration budget at home is one thing, but when you’re worried about travel costs, it can be difficult to focus on making the most of your adventures. That’s why we’ve gathered some great budget-friendly tips and resources for you and organized them into this handy guide.

You gotta have apps and tech!

A main objective when it comes to traveling is to disconnect. But if you want to reduce stress and expenses during your adventures, technology should also be your go-to tool. Start with these tech tips:

  • Check out this list of essential travel apps for explorers.
  • You’ll need a fully charged phone to use these apps, so invest in a top-quality wireless charger to keep your device powered up.
  • Using apps to create and manage a budget can also help you save for your trips.

You need a little bit of creativity.

Convenience often equates to more costs when it comes to traveling. Try to keep this in mind and be willing to get creative and adventurous so that you can explore more on a dime.

  • Stay in hostels or camp out rather than booking a hotel room! You may even meet new friends.
  • When it comes to flights, flexibility and planning are key to scoring the lowest prices.
  • Skip pricey tours and activities and get outside for a breathtaking hike instead.

You need to know your limits.

Traveling on a budget is fine, but you shouldn’t resort to pushy or exploitative measures to do so. Remember to respect the local culture, and never get nasty for the sake of saving money.

  • Score travel discounts by becoming an influencer, but do it the right way, and learn from mistakes made by other influencers, so you can avoid controversy.
  • It’s perfectly fine to haggle in some countries, but you should know when to let it go.

Be prepared before you leave.

The best way to travel on a budget is to gather what you need before you head out. This eliminates having to purchase overpriced necessities on the road.

  • Shop at retailers like Target or Walmart to find affordable toiletries and travel-sized items that are small and easy to pack. 
  • Check the forecast before you head out so you know exactly what type of clothes and shoes to pack.
  • Is a road trip in your future? Use a site like RideDigest to get an idea of what you need to do for your care before you head out on the open road.

Travel should be a part of life, not just a luxury for the super-rich. If you want to see and experience more of the world, you don’t need to put a lot of stress or money into doing so. You just need a guide like this one, a little creativity, and the willingness to put yourself out there. For more tips and advice to guarantee a good time on the road, look no further than Backpacker Bible.

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