There’s more to parks than you think


When you think of going to a park you likely thing of playgrounds, kids running and screaming or maybe a boring time. For the most part the common idea is that you take your family to the park to let kids run around, getting all their energy out while parents sit on the bench playing on their smart phones.

I had that same mentality. I had no desire to go to a park unless I was taking my daughter there to play. That is until I started to think outside of the box.

Now hear me out. There’s nothing wrong with going to the park with the intention of letting your kids run around and have fun. That’s what they’re there for. Parks can be so much more than this though. I have below ideas you can easily do without much planning.

  • Lay a blanket down with your significant other and just talk. Talk about anything. Your hopes, dreams, aspirations. Ask 36 questions to fall in love.
  • Have a picnic. This idea is pretty standard but often forgotten. Get together with whoever and enjoy some good food in great weather.
  • Go fishing! There are plenty of parks around with lakes that allow you to go
  • Work out. Believe it or not, parks can be a great area to get in shape. Go for a scenic run, use the playground equipment as unique fitness machines and more. Some parks even offer structures just for getting into shape.
  • Create a scavenger hunt. Get together with friends or family and create a scavenger hunt to play at a park. Look for certain bugs, people wearing a kind of shirt, specific bird, or anything really. Get silly and make it fun. It’s your hunt!
  • People watch. If you like to people watch, the park is an excellent source to do so at.
  • Instagram Photo Challenge. Get together with friends and create a challenge. Take a photo while at the park and the person to get the most likes wins. To keep it fair, you can post it all on the same instagram account. Winners can get bragging rights, dinner, or get to do something embarrassing to the losers.
  • Write. If you’re a writer or blogger, visit a park to get out in the open air for some creative inspiration. Get out of your routine coffee shop and explore more of the places around you. You can always upload the post when you have internet later.writing in the park
  • Take a walk. Many parks offer great walking trails you can use. See what animals you can discover while you’re out on your walk.
  • Play Ball. Parks offer all types of areas depending on what your sport of choice may be. Get a group together and throw down.

Now this is just a bit of what you can do and a few ideas I came up with. I’m sure there are plenty more.

My ask is if you do something that isn’t on this list, please add it to the comments below so we can get it added to the list!



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