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The Most Unique Dive Bar in Scottsdale – Giligans

giligans bar

While on an adventure out in old town Scottsdale, I happened to stumble across what seemed like a pretty typical dive bar. Man, was I wrong! Giligan’s is one of the most eccentric yet coolest spots you’ll find in Scottsdale or even the valley for that matter.


But why is this place so great?

Giligan’s is most famous for having a bar managed and run by little people. The bar top is only a few feet high and the stools even shorter. They don’t fall short on the service, no pun intended. The bar is full service hosting various draft beers and hard liquor.

The shot wheel!

I kept going back for the shot wheel. You pay $3 to spin a giant wooden wheel sort of like you’re on a game show only instead of the usual prizes, each section of the wheel is a different type of shot!

It ranges from shots of Fireball to whiskey to mixed shots and some not so pleasant shots. If you’re up for a bit of risk and adventure, I challenge you to try it.

Games, Games, Games

Of course, they’ll have the regular games like Jenga, Connect Four, ring toss for you to spend your time on while you’re there. I’m not sure if this is classified as a game but they have a stripper pole in the middle of the bar, and it’s hilarious watching people try to dance on it. If that isn’t a game, then I don’t know what is.

All in all, Giligan’s is a fun bar to get good drinks, have a nice laugh and create incredible stories to tell your friends.




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