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How to survive your next bar crawl – PlansYet Style

how to survive a bar crawl

Is this your first bar crawl? Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a few tips on making it through to the very end without breaking a sweat. Regardless of your experience, we’ll be going over the top tips to survive a bar crawl with your dignity intact.

Bar crawls are an absolutely good time. You get to drink, which is a huge plus, check out a few bars you may not have gone to before, hang out with friends, and even meet new people. Nothing can go wrong, right? Well it can, if you crawl the wrong way. There are ways to go through a bar crawl and there are ways to do it in style! Let’s begin.

Have a Buddy

Don’t go in alone. Ever hear of an accountabilibuddy? They’re your go-to, your partner in crime, your main cheese. All goofiness aside, they’ll be the ones to help keep you in check when you start to go off the handle.

Now you can still go with a group, just figure out who has who’s back but make sure you choose wisely. Choose the buddy that always finds a way to make you take a few more shots than you wanted, and you’re going to have a bad time.

If you choose right, you’ll both be at that perfect drunk that we all so crave and desire.

Stick to Beer and Don’t Mix

This is more of a suggestion, you can still go with mixed drinks but please stay away from the shots, at least until you get the last bar or second to last. If you go too hard too quick, you won’t make it very far and your friends will have to pack you in an uber, shipping you off to your house.

If you’re going to drink beer, stick with beer. If you’re going to have mixed drinks, stick that mixed drinks. That whole beer before liquor or liquor before beer won’t help you after heavily drinking both.

Low Alcohol Content

Beers that have low alcohol content will be your best choice. Now I’m not saying you have to stick to light beers, just watch what you drink. Fun fact, Guinness only has 4% alcohol content and you’ll look manly drinking it.

Pace Yourself

This plays off the last tip and goes both ways. You don’t want to be overly cautious and barely have a drink. Before you realized it, you’re incredibly sober and the crawl is almost over.

On the other hand, make sure you don’t try and show off by having a chugging contest or something else crazy. Again, packed in an uber and hopefully you make it home.


We all come with a group to these crawls more often than not but try not to isolate yourself to just this group. There are plenty of new people to talk to that also want to have a good time. Say hi, bring up funny stories, ask questions. Just be personable. If you’re the type of person that gets stuck and doesn’t know what to say, check out 250 Conversation Starters.

Don’t Act Tough

Sometimes when we drink, we like to show off or feel the need to man up. You’re here to have fun, don’t let the little things get to you. Shake it off, be the bigger person and finish that beer in your hand!

Stuff your Face

eat food during a bar crawl

Bar crawls typically last 5-8 hours. That’s a long time to just be on a liquid diet. Make sure you eat something before and sometime during the crawl to make sure the alcohol doesn’t hit you harder than it should.

Most stops will have pretty decent food and exactly what you need when you’re drunk: greasy bar food.


Pretty self-explanatory, make sure you drink water throughout the day. This will help you go for a longer duration.

Take Pictures

Now there are mixed reviews about this one. Some say you won’t want any evidence of what happened. I personally say take all the pics! There’s a chance you won’t really remember the later half of the day and this can help tell the rest of your story while giving you and your friends a good laugh.

Have an Endgame

This is one is by far the most important. What will you do when you’re done?

By now, you’ve had quite a few drinks and it’s unsafe to drive. Use the light rail, call an Uber/Lyft, have a friend come pick you up. Just be safe. An Uber ride is a lot cheaper than the penalties for a DUI.


There’s the list!

Is there anything I’m missing, something you’ve personally done or you want to share your crazy story? I want to know! Let me know in the comments below.




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