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Drunk Jenga – Your New Favorite Game

drunk jenga

What if I told you that you could get drunk while playing Jenga? Would you believe me? Here me out, Drunk Jenga is a real thing and one of my favorite drinking games.

In a nutshell, you play Jenga as you normally would, going around the table pulling pieces out but the difference is, each tile has writing pertaining to a different rule that has to be done. I have my personal list I use down below but I have seen hundreds of different variations and rules. You can get as nice or naughty as you prefer, it’s your game. Don’t be afraid to use the items more than once.

You can play with as little as 2 people or as many as you have with you. The point of the game is to drink, have a good time and laugh your you know what off.

Loser of the game usually has to chug a beer, take a giant shot, do something embarrassing. It’s your choice!

Check out my list of tiles I use below and tell me which is your favorite. What else should I add to this list to make it even funnier?

Rule NameDescription
2 Truths 1 LiePerson opposite must pick the lie, if they pick a truth they drink. If they pick the lie, you drink!
Anti-socialFirst person to talk drinks.
Baby got backGrab a beer for the person with the best ass.
Barn AnimalMust make animal sounds every time someone drinks for the rest of the game.
Beer B***h/BartenderYou have to grab everyone’s drinks for the rest of the game.
Bob DoleMust speak in the 3rd person for the rest of the game. Fail and you must drink!
BuffaloEveryone must drink with their opposite hand. If someone calls buffalo on someone holding their drink using their dominant hand, person buffaloed has to drink their entire beer.
CategoriesSame as kings cup categories. Pick a random categorie and go around the table saying things that relate to the category. For example “Pokemon”, you have to go around the room naming pokemon. Person to mess up first drinks.
Clean MouthCan’t swear for the rest of the game!
Dentures OutIf you laugh, you can’t show your teeth for the rest of the game!
D*** picTake a selfie of the d*** pic block and send it to one of the last 3 people you texted.
DJ YouYou get to be the dj for the rest of the game picking all of the music.
ET Phone HomeCall someone in your family and tell them you love them regardless of what time it is.
Eyes ClosedMust close your eyes next turn.
Fortune TellerPredict the loser, if right, pick someone to be a loser with them. If wrong, you drink with the loser.
Get out of drunk freeUse this block when you don’t want to take a drink. Think Monopoly’s get out of jail free card.
GhostMust reeanact the scene from the movie Ghost and take the next piece out for the next person while behind them, arms around their body.
GirlsAll girls drink.
Give 2Make someone drink twice!
GuysAll guys drink.
Hand SwitchPlay with the opposite hand for the rest of the game.
Hank HillMust end every sentence with “I’ll tell you what!”
HodorWhen someone curses, they become hodor and can only say that until someon else curses.
Home RunMust round the bases around the table. For every person you pass is how many drinks you have to take.
Make a ruleYou get to make a rule. Lasts until the end of the game.
McEveryoneMust refer to everyone as Mc(their name).
Mystery ShotPerson directly across from you gets to make you a shot for you to take. Could be ketchup, could be tequila. It’s their choice. Hopefully they’re a good friend.
Never have I everEveryone holds 3 fingers up. Players go around the circle stating never have I ever sentences. If you’ve done what someone has said, you put a finger down. First person with all fingers down drinks.
OutcastNobody can talk to you until the game is over. If they do, they drink and then they become the outcast.
PartnersPick a person that has to drink with you every time you drink.
Peer PressureTake a drink for everyone playing.
Question GameMust go in a circle saying random questions. Person that fails to do so drinks
Radio D-BagMust act like your speaking into a microphone for the rest of the game.
RedoGo again.
ReverseChange directions.
Rhyme Pick a word. Everyone must say a word that rhymes with it. First to hesitate or fails drinks.
Right MeowMust say meow instead of now.
Rock, paper, scissorsEveryone plays rock paper scissors, take a drink for everyone that beats you. (everyone plays/drinks)
SocialEveryone Drinks.
Staring ContestHave a staring contest with the person to your left. Loser drinks
TattooPerson to the left draws a tattoo on the person directly across from you. You pick where.
ThumbsPut your thumb to the table, last to do it drinks
Touchy feelyMust remove the first piece you touch for the rest of the game
T-RexPlay with elbows tucked in for the rest of the game. Bonus points if you sound like a t-rex doing it.
Tribal CouncilEveryone votes for somone to drink. Person with the most votes drinks.
TriviaAsk a question, first to answer wins. Everyone else drinks
Truth or darePlay truth or dare to the person directly across from you.
WaterfallDrink until the person to your right stops.
WilsonMust talk to inanimate objects the rest of the game.




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