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Arcade Bars in Phoenix

arcade bar phoenix

Pacman, Galaga, Dig Dug, or Street Fighter tickle your fancy? There’s nothing better than going back to the good old days to these arcade games. These could have been some of the best days of our lives.

I, unfortunately, wasn’t around in this golden era but still enjoy the classics that helped shape this generation of gaming. One of my favorite things to do is go to an arcade bar. There is just something special about playing these games while drinking a crisp, refreshing beer.

There are a few arcade bars here that are worthing going to. Here are our favorites.

Cobra Arcade Bar

cobra arcade bar

This bar is located on 801 N 2nd St #100, Phoenix, AZ 85004 and holds 40 vintage arcade games for you to enjoy. Not only do they have 14 incredible beers on tap, but they also provide a unique drink experience offering drinks such as Princess Peach, Crazy Kong, Asteroid, 1up and more.

In the daytime, it’s a friendly and relaxed bar for you to relax and unwind but the weekends are an entirely different story. Live DJs, fun lights, and a club type atmosphere are in store for your nightlife.

Check out more info at

Bonus Round

bonus round bar

Bonus Round proudly call themselves the only Nerd Hub in Phoenix, and we think they may be a contender for that title. They boast a killer draft menu, delectable food, and 20 arcade games. Did we mention you can play these arcade games free?

It’s completely fine if you’re not much of an arcade gamer too. Bonus Round provides different tabletop board games for you to play as well.

Check out more info at

Gringo-Star Street Bar

gringo star street bar

Gringo-Star Street Bar, locate at the heart of Mill Ave, is one of my personal favorites. Their Taco Tuesday specials are a hit with the local crowd and nightlife scene is contending for one of the hottest spots on Mill.

They offer some classic video games and N64 to play while you’re here and they’re always on. Dance the night away, create memories with friends or get nostalgic with good old fashioned arcade games. I’m sure you’ll have fun at Gringo-Star.

Check out their website for more info at




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